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  • Welcome to CommonRooms

    We would like to thank you for visiting our website.

    Your maybe wondering what we are all about, allow me to begin by saying that this site has been setup for the sole purpose of building a community where all old scholars can talk about all that there is to know about their school days and any other random topic that comes to mind.

    As this site is still in development there is so much that needs to be done before it is near completion...

    What does Common Rooms offer?
    • Community Board: Discuss topics with other users, Patron Members Full Access.
    • Articles: Cooking Recipes, Gatton Park, Stories, The Gatton Association and much more
    • Newsletters: All past and present newsletters created by the late Charles Bailey
    • More to come.......

    Do you plan hire administrators/moderators?
    Yes, we plan to put out job applications but only when we are ready or are in need of help. Volunteer Basis Only

    Why do I have to become a Patron?
    Running a website isn't cheap: Space/bandwidth, Domain, Control Panels and Core systems etc are required to maintain the website we have and the subscriptions/patrons help us with the running costs and any future upgrades we do/need. Also it will enable us to improve our website with features we may be useful to our users.

    How much is it to become a Patron Member?
    That is entirely up to you, we have two tiers you can choose from, Tier 1: Scholar ($5.00 p/m) & Tier 2: Old Scholar ($10 p/m).
    Each tier will give you more benefits but will allow you to show that you are a contributing factor to why the website is still alive.

    If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my permissions?
    The very moment that your subscription/patreon status will cease all your access which will be stripped from your account thus reverting you back to a registered user. Everything is run via groups, if your not part of it then you can't see or use it. Simple.

    Well that is all for today, stay tuned for the next set of news.

    If you have any questions please post them in the general chat on the community board otherwise you can contact us by clicking here